Pre Holiday Car Check

Don't Be a Car Breakdown Statistic This Summer!

pre holiday car check



Don't be one of those people on the side of the road this holiday season with the bonnet of their car up and steam pouring out, or with a wheel off their caravan or boat trailer because the bearings have failed.


"People can think that because the trailer or caravan was only used twice last year, it'll be fine again this year." ~ Kevin


There's nothing worse, when you're heading away on holiday with your family, than seeing your vehicle give up the ghost because you didn't get it checked over properly beforehand. You'll be kicking yourself.

An investment in a thorough pre-holiday inspection of your car, trailer or caravan could save you a whole lot of distress down the track.


Our pre-holiday car check will give you peace of mind

Auto Care Kilbirnie is offering a comprehensive pre-holiday car check to give you peace of mind this summer, so you can concentrate on the things you and your family enjoy.


Mechanical problems can occur on the highway due to wear and tear or faults that may not have been evident when driving around town on short trips during the year. Radiator and hose leaks, fan belt, brake and transmission problems might only manifest themselves when your vehicle is halfway up the Desert Road.

With towed vehicles like caravans, as well as trailered boats and jet skis, things can start to seize up because they've been kept in the garage for nine months.

People can think that because the trailer or caravan was only used twice last year, it'll be fine again this year. Sometimes it's quite the opposite. Wheel bearings pick up salt water and can seize up dramatically when you hit the road for that well-earned break.

You really need to be on top of it and check all that stuff before you head away.


Avoid stressful breakdowns on the side of the road

There are obvious things we look over such as batteries, fan belts, wipers and lights, spare wheels and jacks. Often spare tyres don't get checked and they can be punctured without you knowing it. The air will turn blue if you get a flat on a country road and go to change the tyre only to find your spare is useless.


Our pre-holiday car check is specifically designed to locate and fix all the things that might affect your car, caravan, motorhome or trailer, which might not be found during a routine tune-up or service.


The check itself takes about half an hour and includes electrical systems, bearings, steering, suspension, brakes, exhaust, cooling system, drive belts, radiator, spark plugs and wheels.


Get in touch to arrange for your check soon so we can help make your summer holiday as safe and stress-free as possible. Please don't leave it until the last minute and be disappointed. We don't want your holiday to be ruined.


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