Wheel Alignment and Tyres

Wheel AlignmentWheel alignment adjusts the angle of the wheels, so that the vehicle will travel straight, without pulling to one side. Properly aligned wheels conserve fuel and extend the life of your tyres.



Important information about tyre tread and tyre pressure

  • Tyres must have a legal tread of at least 1.5mm deep across three quarters of the tread pattern around the entire tyre. This is a requirement for your vehicle to pass its Warrant of Fitness. Adequate tyre tread helps your vehicle to maintain a grip on the road.
  • Correct tyre pressure is important for economical fuel consumption and safety on the road. Under-inflated tyres use more fuel. Over-inflated tyres can affect vehicle handling.

Call us to talk about how we can help you. While we don't do wheel alignments and tyres on site, we can get these organised for you.


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