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Before you buy a used car, let us check it!

vehicle pre-purchase check



If you're thinking of buying a used vehicle from a second-hand car dealer in the Wellington area, let us check it over for you first before you part company with your hard-earned dollars. You never know what issues might be present in a vehicle made in the 2000s, or earlier. It will have clocked up a few Ks, that's for sure, along with wear and tear that might not be obvious to the untrained eye. If your vehicle hasn't been checked properly, things can get overlooked, and you could end up seriously out of pocket.


We can give you peace of mind about your planned used car purchase, with our rigorous pre-purchase vehicle check.


What does our vehicle pre-purchase check involve?

Basically, the team at Auto Care Kilbirnie will run a systematic check of your vehicle. Once the investigation is finished, they'll provide you with a complete list of everything they've checked so you know exactly what sort of condition your vehicle is in. This will enable you to make the best decision about whether to buy it or not.


Our used car pre-purchase checklist

Here's what we check over when you bring your vehicle in for us to look at. First up, we inspect the following:

  • Current Warrant of Fitness

  • Oil levels

  • Battery

  • Windscreen and wipers

  • Lights

  • Seatbelts.

Then we lift the vehicle up on the hoist to inspect:

  • Wheel bearings

  • Steering joints
  • Suspension
  • Brakes - we have a look at these without disassembling them. We examine brake pads and rotors visually, and the brake shoes, if we think it's required.
  • Rear wheel cylinders.

The next stage is to take your car out on the road for a drive, and warm it up to operating temperature, so we can check footbrake and handbrake performance, as well as the horn, speedometer, and exhaust system.


When we get back to the shop, we lift the bonnet to check the water pump and radiator cap to make sure there are no leaks, and also how the thermostat is operating. We remove a spark plug and check out its condition. Spark plugs are good indicators of what sort of life the engine has had, and its service history. We visually check the cam belt, as long as it's not too complicated to actually access. With most cam belts, we can pull a cover off and have a look at the belt simply enough, but some can take a lot longer to get at, so they're probably not going to get checked. 


Another thing we do is check through the boot for water leaks. We inspect the spare wheel, spare tyre, and jack to make sure they're actually operational and not all rusty and horrible, and that the spare tyre is blown up.


Old accidents leave tell-tale signs

We check the body of the vehicle to see if it's sustained previous damage, such as from an accident. To do this, we visually examine the chassis rails, along the door openings, and then around the windscreen and windscreen rubbers to see if there's any overspray signalling a repaint after body repairs. We can also pick up tell-tale signs of an accident from the door-shuts, and how the mudguards are aligned.


Repairs can be done very well, but the fact they've been done can't be hidden. We'll certainly be able to let you know whether the vehicle you've brought in has been in an accident, and what repairs it's had as a result.


We finish off with a final road test.


Customers get a comprehensive checklist

Overall, our pre-purchase vehicle check is extremely thorough. When it's completed, we provide customers with a checklist with all the things we've ticked off. We make notes alongside any items we think you need more detail about, such as the depth of the tread on the tyres. And we sign the document.


Our pre-purchase vehicle check costs $140.

"By the time we've finished the pre-purchase vehicle check, we feel that what we're telling our customer gives them a good idea of the true value of what they're buying. And if what they're buying is worth the amount they're being asked to pay for it."

~ Kevin Bovey, Auto Care Kilbirnie owner

Book in with us today for a pre-purchase mechanical check of your vehicle.

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